Smart Home Case

There are tens of thousands of Loxone Smart Homes bringing happiness to people the world over. We’ve put together a selection of Loxone Smart Home reference projects for you, touching on the range of possibilities with Loxone. Why not take a look to draw inspiration for your own smart home project.

Brent Celek’s Home

Former Super Bowl winner and general NFL Star Brent Celek had his whole home kitted out with automation – he even had it installed in the alpaca barn. Yes, he has an alpaca barn.

Wireless Renovation

This case study takes a look at a convention flat that has been transformed into a smart home using only products from our wireless range – Loxone Air. 

Patrick Owomoyela’s Home

Former professional footballer (both for Borussia Dortmund and the German national team) Patrick Owomoyela when with Loxone to automate his brand new home. 

The Ridings

The Ridings is a new homes development situated on the Western edge of Reading consisting of 3, 4 and 5-bed properties. Home automation was an optional upgrade offered to all new homeowners.

Mr Runtastic

Founder and Former CEO of popular fitness app Runtastic now has a home that is efficent as he is. Take a look at this beautiful apartment in the heart of Linz…


Only a few kilometres away from Loxone Basecamp, Sabrina and Andreas have fulfilled their dream of living in their own Loxone Smart Home. 

Passivhaus Girona

This 180m2 officially certified Passivhaus relies on Loxone to achieve some truely intelligent energy management – ensuring that ventilation, air conditioning, solar panel and blinds all work together seamlessly.

The Barn

This beautiful 19th-century barn has been converted into a wonderfully modern home. It features high-level home automation, adding to its uniqueness…


This stunning property in Spain is a great example of a intelligently automated smart home. With a complete Loxone solution this house now has smart heating, lighting, audio, security, access and much more… 


Loxone Gold Partner, Amica, has commissioned this exceptionally beautiful Real Smart Home in Ferndown, East Dorset. It was completely rebuilt in 2017 with Loxone chosen for the intelligent automation of lighting, heating, security and access control.

Whistlers Barn

This Oxfordshire home proudly showcases its heritage while embracing smart home technology. Gold Partner Halo Haus commissioned a Loxone system for the intelligent automation and control of the lighting, heating and security.

Bella’s Home

An inviting smart home – this is where you’ll find Anish, his wife Minal, their son Pranay and daughter, Bella. It was completed by Loxone Gold Partner, DV Smarthomes and features Loxone control for lighting, heating, multiroom audio, ventilation, access control and more.

Orchard Lodge

This remarkable home in the town of North Yorkshire was turned into a smart home by Loxone Gold Partner, Marshall & McCourt. The listed property has been renovated throughout to offer a charming blend of traditional features and modern technology