The smart security system you can rely on 
Loxone offers a multifaceted smart security system which is always looking out for you. It is constantly monitoring for water leaks, fires, burglars and much more. And the real beauty of it – a lot of the components needed for this are already being used for other features throughout your property so there isn’t much more you need.

Instantly informed

Caller Service

In the event of an alarm, you can receive a call to immediately to inform you of the issue. Giving you the most amount of time possible to react.

Loxone App

Within the Loxone App you can view the status of your alarm at any time. If an alarm is triggered you’ll be immediately informed, regardless of where you are in the world.

Alarm notifications

Should someone gain unauthorised access an alarm chain (which has multiple stages) will be triggered. You’ll be able to see all of this within the Loxone App.

A range of functionality

A smart security system should offer more than just protection from break-ins. It should give you wholesale protection and safety round-the-clock.


A button can be configured to trigger an alarm with just one touch; bringing on bright flashing lights, raising the blinds and turning on the music full-volume.


When you leave, a triple-tap on a switch by an exit will put activate Away Mode. This will automatically arm the burglar alarm.


If the children are at home alone, you can deactivate potentially dangerous devices such as the stove. You can also disable switches so that they cannot mess with the lighting moods.

Fire &

A fast reaction in the event of a water leak or fire can not only save your belongings but your life! If one occurs, you’ll be immediately informed to give you the best chance of avoiding any significant danger.


Whilst you’re away (on holiday perhaps), your home, office, restaurant etc will not look empty to onlookers. That’s because it will mimic natural behaviour – turning lights on and off and adjusting the blinds as if someone was in; deterring opportunistic burglars.

in view

With the Loxone app you’ll always be able to see live footage from your surveillance cameras or the intercom, regardless of where you are – giving you peace of mind whilst you’re away.


You can easily activate your alarm via the app or with a simple triple-tap on a switch by an exit. You can also tie the alarm into part of ‘Night Mode’ and activate it with a triple-tap on your bedside switch.


You can set as many alarm zones as you wish – they can then all act independently. For example, in a smart home when you go to bed only the downstairs alarm can be set, so you can move freely upstairs.

False Alarms

To avoid false alarms, more than one Presence Sensor must be triggered (within a pre-defined period) for the alarm to progress to the next level. As a potential burglar is extremely unlikely to just set off one sensor.


From directly within the Loxone App you’ll be able to see when windows were last opened or who has recently entered the property – which is great for parents wanting to know that their kids are home from school safely.


By informed via the text-to-speech function and/or a notification on your phone if a garage door is left open at night or a window is left open at the end of the workday.


Your alarm will not instantly activate when you set it (unless you want it to); instead, there will be a short delay to prevent you from accidentally triggering it on your way out.

High functionality, low cost

With Loxone you don’t need loads of expensive hardware to achieve great smart security. That’s because it works using existing components, such as Presence Sensors, Door and Window Contacts, lighting and even your blinds. Your security system will seamlessly work with these elements to give you great functionality.

Loxone Products for your

From the alarm siren to our water sensors – here’s everything you’ll need for a complete smart security system.


In your home, your lighting always knows when it’s needed thanks to Loxone’s intelligent lighting control. When you enter a room, the correct lighting mood is activated automatically, taking into account the existing level of light in the room.

Blind Control

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, curtains and even awnings can all be perfectly controlled with Loxone. Room getting too hot? The blinds will automatically come down to stop solar gains. 

Room Climate

Rooms have different purposes and, therefore, should be different temperatures. With Loxone you can precisely control the temperature of each individual room in your home to make sure every room is always at the perfect temperature.


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