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Smart Products from Loxone

The New Intercom

The Intercom impresses with its timeless, elegant design, durable materials, state of the art technology, numerous features and its seamless integration into your Loxone system.

The Loxone Miniserver is the heart of our system, it knows to do something before you’ve even thought about doing it – it’s always one step ahead. Extensions can be coupled with the Miniserver to add a multitude of extra functionality; this makes a Loxone system infinitely flexible.



Our extensive lighting range can give you absolutely breathtaking lighting moods in any room. However, thanks to the flexibility of Loxone you can integrate any light source you wish.

Heeating & Cooling

Products that make sure each individual room is always at the correct temperature, with great air quality.


For us security is far more than just protection against break-ins. We provide comprehensive protection for both your property and those inside.

Blind Control

Make your blinds do more by coupling them with our products. Or maybe you have awnings or shutters that need controlling? No problem Loxone has got you covered.

Multimedia & Music

Our media control solution lets you connect and control all manner of entertainment devices. From televisions to multiroom audio systems.

Access Control

The Loxone solution offers intelligently customisable access control. From two-way audio and video intercoms to NFC and pin keypads with individual user management.

Energy Management

Our range includes energy meters and intelligent sockets that ensure your energy consumption is efficient; benefiting both the environment and your wallet.

Wellness & Outdoor

We have a range of products that can make your relaxation & wellness facilities smart – from temperature sensors to most modern 6-way backwash pool valve in the world.

Software & Services

The Loxone App and Config result in an incomparable experience in your smart home or commercial premise. As we offer a holistic solution, our app allows you to control multiple components from just one app. To go with this we also have a selection of online services, to provide an even greater range of functionality.


With Loxone Tree and Air, we have developed two revolutionary technologies. In addition, there are numerous other interfaces that can be used as part of a Loxone system – such as DMX, Dali, KNX, EnOcean and more – offering infinitely flexibility and expandability.

Loxone OS, Config
& App Version 12

New Automatic Designer, support for Powerview from Hunter Douglas, improved sorting function in the App and much more are waiting for you in our newest versions of Loxone Config and App.