Multiroom Audio

Music has been proven to make
us happy and reduce stress.

Our multiroom audio system helps you create the perfect atmosphere – whatever the occasion. Set individual room playlists so that the right music is always playing, be woken up by your favourite song, set a personalised doorbell sound and much more…

Multiroom audio

Multiroom audio enables what, not too long ago, seemed impossible. Think back to when there would be a radio in the bathroom, a CD player in the kitchen and maybe a sound system in the living room. It was virtually impossible to transfer songs from one room to another. Multiroom audio systems remove these spatial limitations and now make it possible to freely transfer music from room to room.

More than

A multiroom audio system from Loxone gives you great-sounding music however it also gives you a wide range of additional functionality.

Fully integrated
multiroom audio

With the Loxone Audioserver, music can be synchronised across rooms or played in each room individually.


If someone rings the doorbell, the sound will be played throughout – unlike classic doorbells. In a home environment, if the children are in bed, don’t worry, Loxone will take this into account and exclude their room from any notifications.


Should an alarm be triggered you’ll be instantly informed as the Loxone Audioserver will play an alarm tone in all relevant room/areas. Thus giving you as much time as possible to react.


You can set pre-defined messages that can be read out to you in certain circumstances. For example, you could be told if you’ve left any windows open before you leave.


Within the Loxone App, you can quickly and easily record individual voice announcements which can then be played by the Audioserer in a specific zone. This can even be done remotely.

wake-up alarm

Wake up to music. Just set your wake-up time and music will start fading in to gently bring you out of your slumber.


When you enter a room, you’ll be welcomed by your favourite music or radio station. Then when the room is no longer in use, the music will then automatically be turned off.

Room Off
House Off

A double-tap on our Touch switches will deactivate the music in any given room, a triple-tap will deactivate any music you may have playing in any area.

All under

Thanks to our integrated media control solution, entertainment devices can be combined in harmony with the rest of your multiroom audio system.

Products for your
Audio System

Regardless of your audio needs: we’ve got a solution for you.


The Audioserveer combines a compact form factor with impressive performance – containing 4 amplifier outputs.

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The Loxone speakers combine elegant design with amazing sound quality.

Discover speakers >>

IR Control Air

With the Loxone IR Control Air, you’ll have all of your infrared devices under control – from the TV to AV equipment.

Discover the IR Control Air >>

Remote Air

Operate your multiroom audio system quickly and easily with our wireless remote control – the Loxone Remote Air.

Discover the Remote Air >>

Unlimited Flexibility.

For all sources of audio.

Wall Speaker

The Loxone Wall Speaker is equipped with two woofers and one tweeter encased in a high-end chassis. It is designed for easy wall mounting however it can be placed anywhere.

Ceiling Speaker

The Loxone Speaker is the perfect built-in multiroom speaker. With it’s sleek, discreet design and powerful sound it’s ideal for your multiroom audio system.

Third-Party Speakers

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Intuitive control of your
multiroom audio

Via app

With Loxone, your entire audio system is controllable through one app. You’ll have an overview of what is playing in each room and you can make changes to this at any time. Play, pause, volume up, volume down, next track – all directly through the app.

Via Switch

Experience intuitive audio control in any room with just one switch. From just two touch points you can achieve great levels of control. Switch between room favourites, adjust the volume or skip to the next track.


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