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way to
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A whole new
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»Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away…«
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We are convinced that our intercom will redefine the look of an entire product category. Clear lines, elegantly understated, and a timeless design make it probably the most beautiful video intercom in the world. Because the first impression is always the most important!

“Made in

Discreet elegance meets unmistakable quality. Manufactured in Germany on one of the most modern production lines in Europe, our all-new Intercom meets the highest quality standards. That quality ensures it’s designed to last the lifetime of a building.

State of the art

Only the most modern and high-quality components are used in the Intercom. The components are meticulously assembled thanks to precise robotics.

Modern HD camera

The modern Full HD camera provides a clear and undistorted view with a generous 120° wide-angle lens.

High-quality microphone

The high-quality microphone, protected by a thin membrane, guarantees the best voice quality for years to come.

Invisible speaker

The latest speaker technology, coupled with the specially-developed sound concept of innovative speaker channelling offers an invisible speaker with crystal-clear sound.

Integrated proximity sensor

Stand-by meets logic! When someone approaches the Intercom, it automatically wakes up from stand-by. This enables an impressively fast app connection.

Superior real-glass finish

The sophisticated feel is created by tempered real glass, with a satin look achieved with a ceramic finish.

Durable materials

With a genuine glass surface, a UV coated camera and a protective microphone membrane: The Intercom is designed to be long-lasting without showing it.

access control

Install the Intercom on its own, or with the NFC Code Touch or the Touch Pure. The stylish double mounting bracket allows the separate products to be installed together to form a stylish single unit, resulting in a stylish and functionally ergonomic look.

By installing the intercom along with an NFC Code Touch, you create a versatile and comprehensive access system by including an NFC reader and pin keypad.


Would you like to take a look at how the Intercom looks on your wall? Use our augmented reality tool, to project the Intercom on to any surface!

*Works in Safari on your iPhone or iPad

Say “Hello” –
no matter
where or when

Thanks to remote access, you are guaranteed to not miss a single visitor; whether it’s friends or a delivery driver. Answer the intercom whether you’re at home, at work, or at the beach!

And if you don’t want to say hello, you still know exactly who was at your door thanks to the visitor history.

More security
The option of remote access to view your intercom from anywhere at any time, along with the visitor history, gives you added peace of mind.


Text to

The Intercom offers the option of storing three freely definable messages and having them output via text-to-speech with just one tap in the app. “I can’t talk right now, please put the package in the garage”, “We are already in the garden – the barbecue is on” or…

Rich Push

Seeing who is at your front door is just a tap away. Push notifications to your mobile phone or tablet allow you to immediately see who is at your door directly from the lock screen. This saves time and ensures the greatest possible convenience. Then one tap or swipe opens the app so you can see a live feed and speak with your visitor.

Knowing with
certainty who is at
the door


True end-to-end encryption

Communication between the Intercom and the App is carried out with true end-to-end encryption, meeting the highest security requirements.

No Cloud connection

Privacy has always been more than just an empty phrase at Loxone, and this is still true with the Intercom. All data remains exactly where it belongs: with you! There is no transfer to the Cloud. If visitor history is enabled, the data is simply saved on the internal memory so it too stays out of the Cloud.

Full Loxone integration
offers functional assurance

The seamless integration into the Loxone system makes the Intercom probably the most intelligent video intercom in the world!

Intelligent ‘light bell’

If the children are already in bed, the door chime simply remains silent. Instead, when someone is at the door, lights in chosen rooms will flash to alert you.

Customisable sounds

Forget the mundane two-tone door chime sounds… You can have any sound effect play when someone is at the door!

Versatile proximity sensor

The integrated proximity sensor not only wakes the intercom from standby, it can be used for many other tasks with its 27° pickup angle and up to 2 metres range.

Open sesame!

Running late leaving the office and your guests are already arriving? Answering the intercom remotely is one thing, but how about being able to unlock the door for your guests without being there, too?

And much more!

Let your imagination run wild. Thanks to the full integration into the Loxone system, there are (almost) no limits so let your imagination run free!


Perfect for

The Intercom is also perfectly at home in commercial properties. In combination with the NFC Code Touch, it is the perfect access solution for hotels, offices, and the like.