Building Automation for the
Hospitality Sector

First impressions are crucial in hospitalty, so what better way to impress your guests than with building automation from Loxone. Not only will Loxone allow your customers to interact with your establishment in a more intuitive way, but you’ll also be able to unobtrusively automate building management in their room, for example, if necessary. You’ll be able to troubleshoot from afar, leaving your guests to relax. In the event of an emergency, Loxone’s instant notifications will help you react quickly to the detection of smoke or the escape of water, taking action to reduce damage or even save lives.

Central building monitoring

Each room is controlled by its own Miniserver – essentially a hub for the automation. However, these are some of the functions that can be controlled centrally from a master Miniserver:

Building management

Data such as temperature, humidity and air quality are continuously recorded. This data can then be sent to the relevant members of staff.

Fire and water alarms

Smoke detectors, water sensors and temperature sensors ensure that your properties are continuously monitored. Upon detection, an alarm chain will immediately be triggered.

Fresh air ventilation

When a room has not been occupied, perhaps because it is out of season, that the air in the room is ventilation. The building can automatically take of this to reduce stale air and mitigate mould growth.

Room climate

Temperature sensors record data and notify the relevant members of staff of any significant deviations.

Reduce energy costs

Energy costs in the hotel and catering sectors are usually higher than in other commercial sectors. With Loxone, shading, heating and lighting all work seamlessly together which helps reduce overall energy consumption. During set time periods, such as closing hours, unused devices are automatically turned off, lights are switched off in rooms no longer in used and the temperature is lowered outside of the schedule; ultimately helping you cut energy usage and running costs.

Audio in communal areas

In communal areas such as restaurants, bars, lobbies, etc music can be played in a variety of ways from a range of sources such as Internet radio, streaming music services or locally stored music. If any of these areas is unoccupied, the music will automatically stop after a set period and only reactivated when the next person enters. Should an emergency occur, you can trigger an announcement in these rooms, using our text-to-speech feature, to inform both staff and guests.

The perfect match for your business

Loxone offers unparalleled flexibility, taking care of all manner of things from the control of saunas to emergency call buttons. Loxone adapts to the building’s needs, making it the perfect solution in any commercial environment in the hospitality industry. The installation can be tailored to the precise needs of the project. From a free-form wiring option to intuitive, flexible programmable functions; Loxone is the solution for automation in a hotel or restaurant.

Integrate your hospitality
management software

You can even connect your current management software to Loxone. Doing this will allow you to accelerate and improve any processes you wish to implement. You could automatically lower the temperature of rooms when they are unoccupied and then have this automatically increased prior to guest check-in, for example. 

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