Smart Heating
& Cooling

Perfect room temperatures thanks to our
smart heating, cooling & ventilation control 

Wouldn’t it be nice if your rooms were always at the perfect temperature? Well with our intelligent heating (and cooling) control you can completely automate your heating schedule to ensure each room is always at the desired temperature.

Individual Room Control

A pleasantly cool 18° in the bedroom, a comfortably warm 23° in the bathroom and a cosy 21.5° in the living room. We understand that different rooms have different purposes and therefore shouldn’t always be the same temperature. With Loxone you can enjoy perfect temperatures around-the-clock thanks to our individual room control. All of this is done automatically so you can relax.

Self-learning to ensure perfection
If you want a room to be 21° by 6 pm it will be exactly that. That’s because the smart heating and cooling control available with Loxone intelligently learns so it knows what time to start heating a room to ensure it has reached your desired temperature at your desired time.

Far more than just heating & cooling

Get the most out of your smart heating and cooling system with our extensive level of functionality.


Loxone calculates your exact heating demand and knows at which times you are in or out. With this information it will ensure each room is always at the perfect temperature.


Whenever possible Loxone will try to use ‘free’ methods of climate control – heating a room using the sun for example. This will help you save up to 12.5% on your annual energy bill.


If no one is in, Economy Mode will be activated – here the temperatures are controlled as cost-effectively as possible within a pre-defined range in an attempt to avoid wasting money.


You can set pre-defined protection temperatures. If the temperature falls above or below these then your system will automatically react to ensure no damage is done to the building.

Access via
the app

You can view and change your temperatures at any time, even while you’re on the go. If you’re going to arrive later than planned simply adjust the heating to come on slightly later.


If something goes wrong, you’ll be notified immediately. This gives you a chance to react quickly and prevent any significant issues.


You can record and analyse all of your temperature data over any period of time – which you could use as an insight to help you save money.

Knows the

Loxone knows all of the public holidays and will take this into account when ensuring your rooms are at the perfect temperature.


As the system records its overall usage, you’ll be notified of any maintenance that’s due.

Loxone Products for
the perfect temperature

Whether it’s heating, cooling or ventilation Loxone has got you covered. Our products ensure that each room is always at the perfect temperature.

Room Comfort
Sensor & Touch Switch

Both our Room Comfort Sensor and our Touch Switch have temperature and humidity sensors built-in. This gives you accurate readings in each room.  

Discover the Room Comfort Sensor >>

Valve Actuator
Air & Tree

Our Valve Actuator is perfectly suited for intelligent room-by-room temperature control. They have been specifically designed to minimise configuration time.

View Valve Actuator >>

Miniserver &

Thanks to the Miniserver’s versatility and our wide range of extensions, all manner of heating sources, air conditioning units and ventilation systems can be controlled.  

Extensions >>

Unlimited Flexibility.
Heating control for every
heat source

Whether it’s underfloor heating, infrared panels or traditional radiators – gas, oil or a heat pump. Our smart heating system will work regardless of the heating source; ensuring that each room is always the perfect temperature.



Our smart heating system automatically ensures that each room is at the correct temperature around-the-clock. However, should you wish to make any changes to the schedule you can do so from within the Loxone App at any time.

You can also set any room into three pre-defined modes. In Use (room temperature corresponds to your comfort temperature), Not In Use (room temperature stays within a pre-defined economical range), Off (room temperature remains above Frost Protection and below Overheat Protection).


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