Energy Management

Reduce your emissions and your energy bill.

Heat using solar energy, automatically turn off power-hungry devices when they’re not in use, store solar energy for use at a later date and much more…

An interconnected system is an energy-efficient system.

With Loxone the heating, cooling, blinds, ventilation and even the lighting will all work together in harmony to maximise your energy savings


Your Loxone system will intelligently work to help save you money on your heating (and cooling) bill. The heating, cooling and blinds all work together in unison to ensure maximum energy efficiency. If it’s too cold the blinds will automatically rise to heat the room using the power of the sun. Then, only if this does not achieve the desired outcome, is the heating activated. When it’s too hot the blinds will automatically lower in an attempt to reduce solar gains.


You can integrate your solar panels into your Loxone system with ease. Then you can use the energy you’ve collected to help with the demand. The current electricity consumption and electricity production will also be recorded via an intelligent energy meter – which you can view at any time from directly within the Loxone App.


If you have an electric car you can charge it right from where you are. Even better than that, you can do so with the energy captured by your solar panels. Define the charging time, start and pause the charging process at any time via the Loxone App or set fixed charging times to take advantage of cheaper night tariffs. Loxone will also pay attention to the total current energy output in order to protect you against potentially overloading.

Top energy saving

Energy-saving with Loxone is multifaceted and is at the very heart of your system.


Your standby devices and other power guzzlers will be automatically turned off when they’re not needed.


A double-tap on a switch in any given room will turn off the lights, music and any devices being used. This means that you can be sure that nothing has accidentally been left on.


Your energy usage data can be viewed at any time directly from within the Loxone App. This allows you to analyse it for yourself and uncover any potential savings.

Heating &

By intelligently managing your heating and cooling systems, Loxone can produce some significant energy savings. Your system will always try to achieve your desired temperature in the most cost-effective manner.

Load Management

Loxone keeps an eye on the total power consumption and can balance energy usage during peak times. You can, for example, switch off specific appliances in order to free up power to charge your car.


You’ll get instant notifications if energy is being wasted or once energy usage has reached a specified threshold. Giving you as much time as possible to rectify the issue.

Products that
save energy

All of our products are developed with low energy consumption in mind. We also offer an extensive range of specific energy-saving and monitoring products.

IR Meter
Reader Air

The Loxone IR Meter Reader Air allows you to get direct readings from compatible electricity meters with an infrared interface.

Electricity Meter

The bi-directional energy meters with Modbus serial interface allows you to record detailed data such as energy, current, active power and voltage.

Smart Socket

The Smart Socket Air allows you to cut the power to your sockets. It also contains built-in energy and power consumption monitors.


We have an extensive range of extensions which allows you to integrate other energy-saving devices directly into your Loxone system.


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