Intelligent automation for commercial premises and custom applications

Loxone offers a large portfolio of high-quality products, user-friendly applications and intuitive programming software creating an unparalleled ecosystem with a range of open interfaces. This makes Loxone a fully-scalable solution perfect for MDUs, hotels, offices, as well as other commercial and custom applications.

Apartments and MDUs

Offer residents unparalleled comfort thanks to intelligent shading, different lighting scenes, fully automatic temperature control and more!


Create a unique working environment for your employees with smart features such as personalised access or variable ambient lighting.


By fitting out your hotel, spa or restaurant with Loxone, you’ll be improving the experience of relaxation and comfort for your guests. Plus, it’ll take care of some general tasks which can help make staff more available.

Custom Applications

There really are countless potential applications for our technology. There are already municipal buildings, community/sports halls, fire stations, doctors’ surgery, and more which rely on intelligent control and automation by Loxone.

Completely scalable

If you have a particularly large project, several Miniservers can be merged in a gateway/client grouping. This increases capacity and enables automation on a large-scale.

The gateway Miniserver combines all of the respective sub-areas together and forms a comprehensive system with an accompanying app. Should the maintenance or expansion of an individual sub-area be needed, all other sub-areas will continue to run autonomously. Due to the gateway/client relationship of the Miniservers, any updates can be handled locally. 

Simple access control: via NFC Key Fob

Access control with Loxone is simple and personalised. Your employees and contractors simply present their NFC Key Fob to the NFC Code Touch and they’ll be granted the relevant access if their permissions allow. The NFC Key Fob provides a cost-effective alternative to keys, which can be placed directly on a key ring. If someone happens to lose their fob, or someone’s access needs to be rescinded, an appropriate user can simply delete that user’s fob (via the app) and, if needed, pair a new one.

Focusing on your specific requirements

Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces meaning integration into every single element of the building is possible. The following interfaces are available:

Extensive product range

Our extensive product range means you can get all of your components for your commercial project from just one source. Our products enable the intelligent automation of lighting, heating, audio, security, shading and so much more, all from within one eco-system.

Individual user rights

Manage all of the users in your commercial property. Individualise the access rights of respective user groups and assign different permissions accordingly. Decide who can make signifcant changes to your system and who can simply benefit from using it.

Powerful Software & Free Updates

Whether it’s a hotel, office or apartment building – our powerful suite of software complements your installation and the required functionality. One aspect that is pretty special is that our software is completely free and always up-to-date thanks to free updates.

Open API

We offer our intelligent technology as a platform. Control the Miniserver using your proprietary app or create your own visualisation, for example. Using our open API, you can meet custom requirements with the Loxone Miniserver at the core.

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