The Audioserver

The audio revolution
for building

Great sound, endless possibilities.
An audio system unlike any other.

Small in size.
Big in sound.
Rich and clear sound
for all speaker types.

The Audioserver is not a speaker – it’s the intelligent power behind your wired speakers. When combined with high-quality speakers the Audioserver forms the basis for rich and clear sound.

This photo shows the output power of the Audioserver. Find out how we got this photo >>


From open plan kitchen-diners to multiple floors in a shopping centre – you can create your perfect multiroom audio system by grouping as many amplifier channels and speakers together as you would like.


More than music: smart
functionality included

The Audioserver can be installed in almost any type of building, enabling a wide range of functionality – whether that’s a powerful alarm system in a restaurant, an intelligent doorbell in a smart home or voice announcements in an office.

Intelligent Alarm

Be made instantly aware of fires, water leaks or even attempted burglaries. Should an alarm be triggered you’ll be instantly informed as the Audioserver will play an alarm tone in all relevant rooms/areas. Thus giving you as much time as possible to react.

Gentle wake-up alarm

Wake up to music. Just set your wake-up time and music will start fading in to gently bring you out of your slumber.

Smart Doorbell

If someone rings the doorbell, the sound will be played in all desired areas – unlike classic doorbells. If the children are in bed, don’t worry, your smart home will take this into account and their room will remain silent.


You can set pre-defined messages that can be read out to you in certain circumstances. For example, you could be told if you’ve left the stove on before you leave. This feature is very helpful in Ambient Assisted Living environments – enabling a more independent lifestyle.


Within the Loxone App, you can quickly and easily record individual voice announcements which can then be played by the Audioserer in a specific zone. “Dinner is ready” at home, or “impromptu meeting in room 3” in an office, for example. This can even be done remotely.


To help illustrate this, let’s use a restaurant as an example. In the morning, a punchy playlist is put on to help get the staff ready for the day ahead. Then when the restaurant opens for lunch, a chilled-out piano playlist kicks in to create a relaxing atmosphere. Finally, as we move into the evening and the dinner guests arrive, a funky jazz album is brought on to add to the ambience. All of this is done completely automatically.

Very audible,br hardly visible

Enhance the functionality of any building without compromising the aesthetics. The Audioserver works behind the scenes to ensure you get the perfect multiroom audio system. With Loxone, even the various ways of manually controlling the Audioserver blend seamlessly into the environment.


With Loxone, your favourite music will play automatically at the correct times. However should you ever need to, you can, of course, control your system manually. With the LoxoneTouch switch, Touch Pure, Remote AirTouch Surface or even the Touch Nightlight you can switch music on or off, turn the volume up or down and change the source.

For anything else, you can use the wonderful Loxone App.

Your audio system
in one hand

Our beautiful app gives you extensive control of your multiroom audio system. Put together a playlist, browse streaming services, and much more.

Apple AirPlay 2

With AirPlay technology, you can play music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac in the various Audio Player zones of the Audioserver.

Sources & Formats

With AirPlay technology, you can play music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac in the various Audio Player zones of the Audioserver.

Loxone products
for your audio system

We’ve got an extensive range of products which allow you to create the perfect multiroom audio system in any type of environment.

Wall Speaker

The Wall Speaker will wow you with its solid construction, slimline design and top sound quality. This Wall Speaker sounds great, whether on the wall or a shelf.


The Loxone Speaker is the perfect built-in multiroom speaker for your home or commercial premises – giving you a sleek, discreet design and powerful sound.

Stereo Extension

The Stereo Extension allows you to expand your audio system with two additional outputs. These outputs can be used to create extensive groups – bringing audio to all areas.


The Audioserver is the most flexible audio solution for any building – with its compact form factor, impressive performance and 4 amplifier outputs.