Access Control

Loxone offers a wide range of individual access control solutions.

Due to the flexibility of our access control solution, you can achieve almost anything. Children in bed? Switch from a doorbell ring to flashing lights to let you know that someone is at the door. Delivery coming whilst you’re out? Open the garage or front door from wherever you are via the Loxone App. The possibilities are endless.

Secure access control
via the Loxone App

With our free app for your smartphone, tablet or PC you can easily & securely control the access, manage users, assign individual rights and see who is at your front door.

User management

You can add users to your app at any time, with the ability to assign different permissions to each person. This allows you to be in complete control of who has access to your home, office etc.


You’ll be instantly notified when your doorbell rings. Then, if you wish, you can talk to whoever is at the door or send a text-to-speech message directly through the app. If you miss a visitor don’t worry a picture will be stored in the app so you can see who’s been at your door.

Access rights

You can use the app to assign specific access rights. If a friend needs to pick something up while you’re out, simply give them a one-time code which will only work on that occasion. If the cleaner comes at 3 pm every Friday, assign them a time-based code.

Access via Code & NFC

With Loxone, access is more simple than ever. Just hold your NFC Key Fob up to the NFC Code Touch and the door will open – it really is that simple! 

The NFC Key Fobs provide a safer alternative to keys. If you lose a key anyone can find it and use it; if you lose your NFC Key Fob simply revoke access permission for it in the app. Then you can simply use your code to gain entry.

Access via Intercom

With the Loxone Intercom you’ll be able to see and talk to anyone at your door regardless of where you are in the world. You can even let them in remotely or send a text-to-speech message if needs be.

If there’s a delivery whilst you’re out you can speak directly with the postman through the intercom and let him know that you’ll open the door for him.

Unlimited Flexibility.

Loxone works with all access control systems.

Due to the flexible nature of our system all manner of access control is possible. Whether you want to control your garage door, side gate or front door – it’s all achievable with Loxone.


The Loxone access control system gives you a comprehensive level of functionality. Here are a few of the main features:

access rights

With Loxone you can assign specific permissions to each user. If you have a dog walker, for example, you can grant them access during the day however at night their code and/or tag will not work.

Logging &

You’ll always be able to see who’s entered your property and when that was. This is great for parents who want to know that their children have arrived home safely from school.


Our system is extremely flexible allowing you to integrate a wide range of electronic locks, doors, garage motors, etc.

Status of
doors & windows

When you leave you’ll be informed if any doors or windows are open. You can also check the status of all doors and windows via the app at any time.


With the NFC Code Touch you can set individual functions to be triggered by a specific code. You could open the garage door by pressing 5 then entering your code.


If someone rings your doorbell you’ll be informed via the speakers. However, if you do not want to be disturbed, the lights can inform you that someone is at the door rather than the bell

Loxone products for secure
access control

Whether it’s your front door, garage or gate – Loxone has got you covered. Our holistic system ensures that access is always quick, easy and secure.

NFC products

The NFC Code Touch allows quick, easy and highly-encrypted access via it’s integrated NFC reader.

Discover the NFC Code Touch >>


The Loxone Intercom gives you a high-quality image and crisp sound so you can see who’s at your door from anywhere in the world.

Discover the Intercom >>

Miniserver &

Thanks to the Miniserver’s versatility and the wide range of extensions, all manner of access control systems can be integrated into our solution. 

Discover the Miniserver >>


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