Using E+E Elektronik Sensors with Loxone

The company E+E Elektronik develops and produces of high-quality sensors for the measurement of relative humidity, CO2, air velocity, temperature and much more. The high-quality sensors are used for automation tasks in agriculture, animal farming, environments that need to remain sterile, as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Seamless adding of E+E Sensors

The latest version of Loxone Config 11 introduced Modbus templates for the following E+E Elektronic sensors; used for measuring relative humidity, temperature, CO2, and air flow velocity:

  • Temperature: EE074, EE431, EE441, EE451, EE471
  • Humidity + Temperature: EE072, EE210, EE310
  • CO2 + Humidity + Temperature: EE800
  • Air Flow Velocity: EE650

Sensors from E+E Elektronik can be added to the configuration of an installation in just a few clicks – thanks to existing templates in Loxone Config. Once you’ve added the device from the Modbus Template menu, then you’ll be able to adjust the relevant parameters within Config.

Ease of integration with the Modbus Extension

We understand that our Loxone Partners have requirements for specific sensors based on the scope of your installation which our product range might not include. To cover areas where we don’t have such products, we support interfaces such as Modbus which offers the ability to include templates for the integration of other products.

Sensors from E+E Elektronik is one such example. E+E Elektronik develops and manufactures high-quality sensors, which makes automation in the industrial sector easier for you as a Loxone partner.