Go Home Smart Showroom

Ben Shea Smart Home presented by Go Home Smart

Built in 1873, Ben Shea hides an ultra-modern interior behind its traditional bricks and mortar exterior. Completed in August 2019, Ben Shea is a newly renovated Loxone Showhome by Go Home Smart, which gives a truly unique smart home experience.


From the moment of your arrival, the house welcomes you with automated lighting and heating which is set to an ambient temperature – with lighting moods and multiroom audio available throughout. Should you wish to make any adjustments, there’s always an iPad close to allow you to do so. However, motion initiates a lot of functionality in this showhome so you don’t have to worry about having to ‘learn’ the home – this is the beauty of Loxone.

You will see that all the switches throughout the showhome are the award-winning Touch Pure which has a simple 5 touch-point layout – as do the Touch Surfaces integrated into the bedside cabinets and the Touch Nightlights. From all of these points of control, you can intuitively operate lighting, music and shading.

The first floor has an open-plan living area with a well-equipped, functional kitchen and a cosy sitting room complete with a wood-burning stove. The stunning stone-covered wall, which was calling out to be showcased, has been fantastically enhanced by hidden cove lighting which serves as a great backdrop for Go Home Smart’s proprietary dimmable Triple Chandelier – all integrated into the lighting moods with Loxone.

When it comes to the bedrooms, the biggest features (quite literally) are the premium beds – which are exactly the same as the beds used in the luxurious Savoy Hotel in London. As if they weren’t already marvellous enough, LED Strip has been added around the base and along the headboards – providing a gentle reading light and tread lighting to ensure safe passage during the night thanks to Night Mode. Each bedroom has both a Touch Nightlight & a decaled Touch Surface giving you control of the room from the comfort of your bed. Should you want them, you can also get news updates from the radio played through the ceiling speakers – so you’re ready for the day before you’ve even put your slippers on.

The Touch Nightlight will show you the outside temperature. However, should you want a greater level of detail, you can simply open the Loxone App, this will give you a personal weather forecast based on your exact location – you can’t get more accurate than this to guess the variances of the Scottish weather!

In this showhome…

The kitchen bar & dining area is defined with well-placed LED Pendulum Slims providing great lighting. The LED Spots in the kitchen are extremely versatile providing both functional working light and colour-changing lighting that couples beautifully with the under-counter LED Strip. LED lighting is also prominent in the living area – illuminating the elegance of the granite wall backdrop. The feature Triple Chandelier is a Go Home Smart original design, which has either a range of tunable white lighting or full colour – giving a showpiece to this social space.

As you walk from the front door into the lower and upper hallways there is no need to stop and flick a switch, motion simply initiates lighting, fading up into a very welcoming atmospheric lighting mood. Motion also triggers the LED Strip lighting above the wall-mounted iPad as you walk up to it.

LED Ceiling Lights are cleverly used in both top bedrooms. To control these, each room has a Touch Pure, allowing simple, quick and easy operation of the lights – including the ability to scroll through lighting moods such as ‘Relaxing’ or ‘Bright’. The Integrated Motion Sensors, bring on softer lighting if you get out of bed in the middle of the night, thanks to ‘Night Mode’.

Heating & Ventilation
With Loxone’s heating system, comfort temperatures are maintained according to a schedule – if the home is vacant then Frost Protection is activated. The valves on the radiators are also controlled by Loxone. This means different temperatures can be achieved on a room-by-room basis, without the need to manually adjust them – reaching temperatures conducive to a relaxing bath, a comfortable night’s sleep or a cosy evening in the living room. With these temperatures set per zone, the system continually learns how long it takes to heat a room so that it is always at the right temperature, at the right time.

The Velux window is also automated to open at a specific temperature should the room become too warm as a result of solar gain. However, should any rain be detected the window will be closed automatically.

The inherent security features of Loxone are included in this property which features a Loxone Intercom and NFC Code Touch. Access codes can be changed regularly for tours and guests – with the ability to restrict these codes by date or on a time-basis which gives extra peace of mind to all users of the Loxone Showroom. Door & Window Contacts are also installed to provide warning notifications, as are Water Sensors so should there ever be a leak, it won’t go undetected for long.