A look behind the curtain of our Audioserver photoshoot

Photography is a complicated process. Sometimes you have a great idea and fail at putting it into practice, sometimes you’ve got all the means necessary for producing great photos but you’re missing the idea. Luckily for us, at our photoshoot for the Audioserver release, these two factors interplayed perfectly. And our colourful speaker photo was born.

The Idea

For a product release as important as that of the Audioserver, you need high-quality images to supplement the already huge marketing efforts. After a short period of brainstorming about which feature we could best transform into a photo, we settled on one of the most obvious ones – power. The sheer amount of power for any speaker, in such a small form factor that fits on a standard DIN-Rail – we have to make something out of that. Since we had already added a new colour to our Loxone palette for the Audioserver, we wanted to continue that for our photoshoot as well.

The preparation

The Audioserver and a Loxone Speaker were obviously the most important components for our shooting. If we want to show off the power of our new system, we better do it properly. Moreover, we needed great camera equipment. Luckily for us, we already had a great camera, as well as tripods and flashes available at Loxone. The last thing we needed was the set. After some discussion, we chose the Garage at our Loxone Basecamp, in particular because of the absence of any windows. As you can see on this photo, a few beer crates of our very own Loxone Smart Beer – courtesy of the Smart Brewery Hofstetten – completed our setup.

The first test

Naturally, before setting up in the garage, we had to test our concept. As we didn’t want to ruin one of our speaker with Holi colour powder (yet), we lined it with some plastic film. In hindsight, that turned out to be a mistake. The photos from our test shooting were already so amazing, the only thing that bothered us was the plastic film. Well…

The Shooting

Consequently, we had to build our set again – this time in the garage and without any plastic film. Fortunately, the photos were as beautiful as the ones from our first test – if not more. Just to give it a try, we added even more colours – which turned out to be a great idea. After we were finished with our photoshoot, the only thing left to do was hand the files over to our graphic design department to work their Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop magic on them. There we have it – our colourful speaker photo was born.

We couldn’t miss the chance for a short slo-mo video either, obviously…

The bottom line

Being able to tap into your creative potential at your job is one of the most important factors for a good work-life balance. Projects like the Audioserver are obviously perfectly suitable for a free flow of ideas. But to be able to do that, you need time. Any one of you that has ever tried their hand at food photography, macro photography or similar things, knows that the split-second in which you get the perfect shot is just the end of a long journey. To be handed that freedom of creativity by your employer not only symbolises appreciation, but also trust. That’s what makes Loxone so special. Every employee can show his strengths and is supported and empowered along the way.


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