Home Automate become a Loxone Gold Partner

We are very excited to announce that Home Automate are now Loxone Gold Partners. We sent them over a few questions to find out some more about the company’s journey to gold. Here’s what they had to say:
Could you start by telling us about your background and what led you to become interested in home & building automation?

We started as an IT company developing software solutions for businesses which automated and streamlined their company processes. One of our owners was then undertaking a renovation and wanted to include an automation system, we supported the installation and configuration following the Loxone training and noticed we could successfully apply our IT background to custom automation solutions for customers and the outcome was Home Automate.

What made you decide to become a Loxone Partner?

Once our interests were piqued into smart home technologies, we started looking at all the available installation options. We had experience with various control systems but always felt that Loxone suited us better for its flexible applications and ability for us to create custom solutions using our IT background.

Meet the team

Sean Croxford

Sean comes from a strong IT background which makes him perfect for creating custom solutions to give customers the best experience or make their long-shot desire a reality. Whether he’s tweaking configurations or 3D printing a solution, Sean’s aim is to make anything possible.

Dylan Pritchett

Dylan is always the first to try out the latest smart home device, reviewing its potential and is always at the forefront of what is coming to market. He is hands-on with all projects whether it’s supporting installations, managing the project or ensuring the team are offering the best service.

Ben Care
Sales and Marketing

Ben joined towards the beginning of Home Automate and is heavily involved throughout all stages; whether its customer-first contact, project planning through to managing installation to the finish.

Amy Brown
Office Manager

Amy joined the team in 2019 to support our growing demand for managing the various projects. She is always the first port of call within the team for the latest updates on each project.

Ben Goodwin

Ben is the latest addition to the Home Automate team and shares a keen interest in all aspects of automation technologies. Ben covers various aspects of the business from installations to finding the latest opportunities that allow the business to grow.


Alejandra Cortes

Alejandra joined the team to support Home Automate on managing all the various projects from product sourcing to ensuring everything is considered during preparations.

What has your dedicated journey to Gold involved?

Home Automate’s journey to Gold status has been a constant progression of project numbers with the team expanding to meet the demands of the business. With each project, the team have furthered their knowledge to keep offering high-quality installations.

What has been your biggest/favourite project (with Loxone)? What challenges have you faced?

Our largest project was a self-build feature on Graven Hill, Bicester. The project was a Loxone system with heating, lighting, security, entertainment and ventilation integration. The property featured large communal areas with 10m height ceilings which required motion sensors to be installed on the walls. The client had requested that the system was able to integrate with Google Home for voice control, so we developed and create a bespoke solution which will be offered to the mass market shortly by Home Automate. Following completion, the property was shortlisted for Self Build Design awards and featured in SelfBuilder and Homemaker magazine.

How have your customers benefited from Loxone technology?

Our customers have been able to benefit from the core aspect of Loxone’s control system which is automation. Even though we install various control points throughout properties from Touch Pure’s to touch screens – we believe that the aim of a Loxone installer is to create an automated system whereby they rarely have to use touch points or the Loxone app as the home works for you. This has been highlighted mostly when various new builds have been designed with large windows for maximum natural lighting however this means solar heating is heightened which can cause high room temperatures. Using the temperature sensors, we’ve been able to automate the shades to close when solar heating is causing high room temperatures for better room regulation.

What makes your company different and what are your unique selling points?

We believe our software development background gives us an advantage in creating custom solutions which include making bespoke solutions which complement the Loxone system.

What are the go-to features customers ask for when it comes to home automation?

All our customers enjoy the flexibility of Touch Pure control points – we always have interest in the ability to remove 2 or 3 devices from each room’s walls and replace them with Touch Pure which takes up a single gang space. They then get the ability to have independent room heating controls with various outputs from audio, lighting to shading.

What would be your ultimate home automation project?

We would not state a specific project requirement as our ultimate project as what sets Home Automate apart is our ability to create custom solutions therefore we enjoy our clients needing special requests which push our team’s creativity and knowledge.

In your opinion, where will the smart home industry be, in the UK, in 2025?

Property automation is continually evolving and growing in the UK – we believe the next 5 years have the potential for most UK properties to start prioritising smart home technology which should allow the UK to catch up with some European countries whereby it is already common practice, like Austria.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking of having Loxone installed, what would it be?

The earlier you speak to a Loxone Partner, the smoother the project. Loxone has the ability to process various aspects of the property and if it is a new build, then you will be able to remove several tasks off your list as Loxone will be able to take care of the process. Furthermore, for renovations, Loxone has the ability to give the best answer for most situations so you can save yourself lots of time and hassle by speaking to a Partner early in the project