Coffeeshopa: The Intelligent Coffee Shop

This stylish and unique coffee house situated in the picturesque village of Limbach in Slovakia has been intelligent automated with Loxone. Now, this already visually-beautiful location is far more than easy on the eyes, it’s inherently intelligent.
Owners Gabika and Zuzka had a very clear vision for the operation of their new property from the very beginning. It was fundamental to them to create an environment that was inviting but also safe for visitors. Despite the shaky start to the coffee house’s life with the business having to shut just 3 days after it’s grand opening due to Covid-19, Gabika and Zuzka didn’t get disheartened.

From crumbling convenience store, to a breath of fresh air 

The coffee shop was originally the local fruit and veg shop for the area however after that ceased to exist Gabika and Zuzka saw their opportunity to completely renovate the building. The architects ŠEBO LICHÝ really wanted to create a functional space with versatile areas which had a fluid blend of exterior and interior. The ground floor does a great job of welcoming in visitors with a friendly and inviting seating area for customers. Whereas the ground floor offers familiarity, the upper floor is an extremely multifunctional space with furniture which can be easily moved according to what the area is needed for. This floor also has a beautiful view of one of the area’s local vineyards.

Then to top the buildings aesthetic off, wooden rafters have been used around the property – taking inspiration from some of the traditional vineyards closeby.


Pohľad na kaviareň Coffeshopa z príjazdovej cesty

The Loxone Partner on the intelligent climate control used on this project:

Intelligent lighting control

After dark, the coffee house stands out beautifully with its automated interior lighting bleeding out into its surroundings. The lighting isn’t just nice to look at through, dimmable LED strips in the room upstairs allow multifunctional use of space, whether for presentations, social events or even sports classes. Lighting moods can be created on the fly in the Loxone App – meaning that they have maximum flexibility. 


Pohľad na nočnú kaviareň

Great emphasis was placed on the security of the building. Through the use of Presence Sensors, Door & Window Contacts, security cameras and even an emergency generator, Coffeeshopa now has a comprehensive security system. 


Take a look inside:




Loxone for

Loxone is perfect for creating automation in commercial environments. If you’d like to learn more about Loxone being used in this setting click below to find out more.