Smart Gardens #4: Water, Water, Everywhere!

We’ve still got some time before Winter descends on us all with its gloomy cloak of grey despair and constant rain, so let’s take some time to enjoy the nicer weather, shall we?!


And there’s nothing quite like a dip in the pool when it’s scorching outside, is there? Let’s explore some smart aqua options offered by automating with Loxone and taking total swimming pool control.

The Miniserver – Your Pool Boy!

As you’ll no doubt know by now, the Miniserver is the heart of our Home Automation solution. Everything you control at home – be it inside or out – goes through your magic green box. If you’ve been following our other Smart Garden blogs, then your Miniserver’s already your gardener, DJ and lighting technician. Why not let it be your pool boy too? The Miniserver might not set the pulses of the neighbourhood’s ladies racing quite so much, but it’ll do the rest with ease!

So what’s possible?

Let’s take a look at just a few examples of what you might want your green pool boy to do and later this week one of our automation experts will tell you about their own pool installation.

Pool heating

There’s little point heating your swimming pool when it’s hot outside. The heat will warm up the water slightly anyway. Plus when it’s roasting, a nice dip in a chilly pool is a fantastic way to cool down. So let the Miniserver regulate the heat of the pool with a temperature sensor and take the work out for you – no more judging the weather in advance and planning!

Pool cover

You can automate your pool cover too (of course!). You might set it to open every evening at 8pm during August if you’re a regular swimmer. And shut at 10pm (just be careful during any impromptu moonlit swims!). You can also set things up so that rain, wind and other weather data dictate whether your cover’s in use or not.

Pool lighting

Set up dim lighting at the beginning of the evening which gradually increases as it gets darker to keep a steady light. You can also change the colour of any LED lights with the snazzy colour wheel function on our app. And set up lighting to switch off automatically when your cover’s drawn at 10pm.

Natural pool control

Do you have a natural pool or swimming pond as they are sometimes referred to? Very nice! You can automate the water pumps based on a number of things such as time of day or outside temperature. This way you can ensure perfectly clean and safe water, but also control how long the filtration lasts for and when it happens.

Pool shading

In extreme heat (yeah, yeah, we know not in the UK…), shading can be pretty useful when you’re out in the pool. Set up a cover to come across when a certain temperature hits and to retract once it drops below it again. You could also set up wind and rain sensors to dictate when the shading kicks in.