New: LED Dimmer – Brings colour into your home

There’s no denying that the lighting in your house affects the way you feel. Soft yellow lighting adds feelings of warmth and comfort to a dining scene, whilst warm white in the bathroom prevents the dreaded harsh lighting when getting ready. The new RGBW 24V dimmer allows for complete lighting control. No fancy bulbs required, regardless of whether your project is a new construction or a retrofit.

Our RGBW 24V Dimmer is…

  • a pocket-sized powerhouse
  • optimised for smart home use
  • tailored to the needs of both retrofitters and new construction home builders
  • easily installed and configured by your Loxone Partner

To celebrate the release of our new RGBW products, we are offering two combo sets at an introductory price, which include our new RGBW LED strips. We have a wired version for new builds and a wireless version for our retrofitters!

For new construction:

Are you are planning your new home or just started the build? Why not include colour LED lighting with the RGBW 24V Dimmer DMX?

For retrofitting:

With our new Air wireless technology standard and the RGBW 24V Dimmer, retrofitting colour lighting into your home is simple and easy!

Take advantage of our limited time introductory discount on the new RGBW sets for Air and DMX including a RGBW lighting strip.

Are you are looking for some ideas for your lighting project? Want to see what coloured lighting really looks like in your home? Then take a look at our ‘Lighthouse’ case study. If you still need a little creative nudge, why not head over to our Pinterest page, where we have lots of different ideas for creative the perfect smart home?