New: 1-Wire Access Control System with Electronic Key Fobs

With our free software updates and new accessories, your Loxone system just keeps getting better and better. You can now set up an access system for your home or business without having to fork out lots of money!

How it works


To gain access to the building, all you need is a little electronic key fob which fits on any bunch of keys. You simply touch this key fob, also called an iButton, to the reader, which is attached to the Loxone system with our 1-Wire extension.

Seamless integration with Loxone

Through the seamless integration with the Loxone Configuration Software you can easily change access rights at different times of day or link access with other functions.

Example: When you get home in the evenings and put your key to the reader: the door unlocks, the hall and living rooms lights turn on, and your favourite music starts playing. Your imagination is the only limit!

You can equally well use this system for business premises – for example to limit access to a stock room or plant room so that only authorised personal can gain access. You can also use iButtons to lock machine operator terminals, for this purpose, there are magnetic keys which are held in the reader.

At the Loxone headquarters in Austria we use this system very successfully in our building. Find out more about how we did it on our blog…

What you need

As well as a Miniserver – the brain of your home automation system, you’ll need the following components to create your own access system:

  • Loxone 1-Wire Extension
    The electronic key-reader is linked to the 1-Wire Extension which is itself connected to the Miniserver.
  • Electronic Key Reader
    The reader unit is connected to the 1-Wire Extension and can either be plastered into the wall, mounted on a panel or fixed in some other housing.
  • Electronic Key
    The electronic key fob (iButton) sends a signal to the Miniserver when it is placed in the reader. By the way, you could use the same key at work and at home, reducing the number of keys in your pocket!
  • Electronic Door-Opener / Lock
    Finally you need an electronic door opener or door lock which can be operated by a relay-output from the Miniserver or by a wireless actuator.

Want to find out more?

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