Office Automation: Marketing & Advertising Agency

You’ve probably never heard of a “Lunikorn” however after reading this you’ll probably wish you were one. “Lunikorns” is the name given to the team at Lunik2. Their office is a very unique and interesting space and not only because it’s decorated with accents of hot pink. Lunik2’s office recently underwent a bit of a renovation and as part of that, they now have a comprehensive automation system from Loxone.

The owners of Lunik2, a marketing & advertising agency, wanted a flexible system that could also be easily adapted and upgraded later down the line. Centralised control of the system was also fundamental for them as they didn’t want to have the adjust multiple isolated systems. Luckily, the owners were already very familiar with Loxone so the Partner on this job (KrennTec) didn’t have any convincing to do.

What was implemented?

From lighting and shading to ventilation and even the billing system, everything in Lunik2 office is now monitored and controlled by the Miniserver. A total of over 300 Loxone components were installed in this project.

Since this office was not a new build, our wireless technology – Loxone Air – was installed alongside Loxone Tree to provide additional flexibility. The lighting already installed was integrating into the system using a DALI Extension.

Temperature Sensors were retrofitted in the server rooms. Now, if the temperature exceeds a pre-defined level the team will get a notification on their phones – allowing them to act quickly to avoid a server failure.  

Other functions:
  • Sound system for the entire office area
  • Simple, cashless billing for drinks with iButtons
  • Control & monitoring of the ventilation system
  • Control of the media technology in the meeting rooms (e.g. projector, screen, existing bose sound system, etc.)
  • Central monitoring of the third-party security camera around and in the office
  • Automated alarm system

Fun Feature “Free Beer”

Here is something you don’t see every day… Lunik2 have a “Free Beer” function in their office. In the app, the management team can press a button and the phrase “Free Beer” is played in all audio zone and orange lights begin to flash. Then employees can access the beers using their iButtons. Obviously, this isn’t used daily (or at least we hope not) but it’s a nice way to bring the team together when there is something to celebrate.

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