Frost Protection for Trees

Loxone truly is an automation system that can be used to create a solution to any problem. In this post, we’ll take a look at how Loxone has been used to protect Christmas Trees from extreme weather conditions. 

Monitoring weather conditions to protect plants

Let’s begin with the basics of frost protection irrigation. If temperatures move into a frosty range, watering the plants actually protects them. This is because a protective layer of frozen water forms around the plant. Within this ice layer, the plant is protected, because inside this ice layer it is warmer than outside. By automating this process with Loxone, the owners of the Schauerte Christmas Tree Farm have put an end to their sleepless nights and crop failures. 

At the farm (which is located in Germany), frosts in May and June can often put a lot of strain on the tree – especially the younger ones. This can result in the growth of the trees being stunted, or in the worst case, dying off completely. 

To combat this the owners turned to Loxone Partner Uniserve. This method of protecting crops via irrigation only works if the humidity level is at least 60% and the wind speeds do not exceed 12 mph – both of these can be checked using Loxone. Now, if these conditions are met and the forecast predicts a freezing night, the sprinkler system will be automatically activated. For extra peace of mind, the Loxone system monitors the water level in the tank that provides the irrigation water and will send an instant notification to the owners in the event of an emergency. 

Solution for frost protection with the Miniserver

After hearing the owners requirements, Uniserve immediately recommended Loxone – not only for its simplicity, flexibility and reliability but also because – unlike other market solutions – it already includes comprehensive monitoring. After just two days, to set up a WLAN line and cable the respective hardware – the system was up and running. The owners have now have quick and easy remote control of the system. However, this is not necessarily needed as the Miniserver will always update the owners should a fault be detected.

Full functionality from Loxone

Three factors are important for implementing an automated antifreeze irrigation system: 

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Automated irrigation
  • Notifications to the farmers

Check out our “Frost Protection for Crops” Use Case, to learn more about how to commission a system like the one mentioned above – from the products you’ll need to how to configure it. 


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