2020 Loxone Highlights

We know it’s been a tough year, which is why we want to thank all of our Partners for their continued support. We wanted to take a look back and find some of the positives in a difficult year so here’s our 2020 year in review.


First UK Developer Case Study
The year started off on an inspirational note, with one of the first UK developer case studies. The Ridings was a new homes development situated on the Western edge of Reading consisting of 3, 4 and 5-bed properties. Loxone was an additional upgrade offered to all new homeowners.

First Fix on Automated Home 2.0 
Epitome Living started with the first fix on Automated Home 2.0 which is a stunning self-build by We would go on to cover the progress of this project throughout the year.


Continued Global Expansion 
We passed another milestone in the history of Loxone – the opening of our new Germany office in Isernhagen near Hanover. A spacious 250 square metre office boasting a brand-new showroom along with a modern open-plan office and training rooms.

Reiterated our Focus on Partners
Our Partner Network is fundamentally important to us. Therefore in February, we prepared to close our webshop to the general public at the end of the month.


Release of V11 
Version 11 of Loxone Config and App saw yet another milestone in the continuous development of our suite of software. V11 brought System Schematic, the Daylight Responsive Lighting Controller, SIA DC-09 support, Remote Connect and much more…

Foundation Series Webinars
We launched our Foundation Series of Webinars. This was a ‘getting started’ series that taught you how to configure with Loxone from the ground up – perfect for new members of staff who need introducing to Loxone or for anyone just after a refresher.


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Miniserver turned 10
On 1 June, the heart of our solution the Loxone Miniserver turned 10 years old. A lot has changed since it launched in its grey shell. But one thing that hasn’t changed is its ability to enable automation in almost any environment.

Unlimited access to training material for Partners
Know-how and skills are invaluable. That’s why we gave our Partners full, unrestricted access to the latest Foundation Training material – at any time, and at no cost.

Partner Quiz
We ran a little quiz for our Partners consisting of 25 multiple-choice questions. Although there were a lot of strong scores Nick Rees over at IIKSA ran out as the eventual winner. Congratulations Nick.

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Config Challenges
As the world moved indoors, we launched our Config Challenge Webinars Series. It involved real-world scenarios which were set at 09:30 and then we gave Partners all day to figure out a solution using Loxone. Then, at 1700 Hugh would share what he had configured and gave Partners the chance to show the group their configuration, too.

Focus Series
Alongside the Config Challenges, we also launched the Focus Series. Here we explored one particular area of automation in great depth in each webinar hopefully taking the viewers’ knowledge above and beyond giving them a high-level understanding of specific topics. From hysteresis to robot lawnmower control, we covered it all.


UK’s First Flagship Partner
In May we were incredibly proud to announce that Automate were the UK’s first Flagship Partner. Having been a Partner since 2016, Oliver and his team, took the next step on their Loxone journey.

Online Training 
After the success of our webinar series, we started delivering full e-learning training courses. Both our introductory Foundation Training and our more advanced Expert Days were delivered virtually with trainees being able to follow along using the Loxone Demo Case.

Loxone Campus
300 new jobs, €55 million investment, nearly 20 acres of space, two years construction time – these are some of the impressive figures that briefly describe the new “Loxone Campus”.


Create Automation Magazine
You were already familiar with our Welcome Home magazine but it was time for our second issue – the Create Automation magazine. Bringing new case studies and expert advice it was (and still is) worth getting your hands on.

95+ Use Cases
At this point, we had over 95 home & building automation Use Cases published. Each Use Case lays out a unique problem and way of solving it using automation, they also include the hardware needed and a Configuration file. They’re a great way of demonstrating the extremely versatile nature of Loxone, hopefully, you found them interesting.


The Hype Started
You knew something was coming you just didn’t know what yet. We released the teaser for our first-ever international online product release event – this would be the biggest revolution since the Miniserver.


Product Release Month
4 weeks, 4 new products. October 2020 saw us release a new product every week for the whole month. We started off with the Tree to Air Bridge, then brought you the Schueco Extension, next up was the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor and finally, to round the month off, we released the new Miniserver Go. Not a bad month, if we do say so ourselves.


3 September – that’s when we introduced the world to the brand-new Loxone Audioserver. This purple powerhouse marked the beginning of the audio revolution for building automation. Enabling great sound and endless possibilities the Audioserver gives you an audio system unlike any other.


Home Automate become a Loxone Gold Partner
Home Automate became the latest Partner to reach Gold Status. Even in a difficult year, they were able to take the next step in their Loxone journey.


Epitome Living become a Gold Partner
To finish off the year, Epitome Living became our first ever Gold Partner in Ireland! Having become a Partner in 2017, Scott and his team have worked on some beautiful projects on their way to Gold – however, when asked about their favourite they gave a special mention to Automated Home 2.0

From all of the team at Loxone, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to Creating Automation together in 2021 and beyond!